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    9 Jun 2013


    RED Luggage Share logo cropped





    Have a bag?     iStock_000018908303_Medium

    Put it to use and pocket some cash.

    Fill out this form (go here), one form per bag.


    Need a bag?

    Raid other people’s closets.

    View the inventory here, choose one and contact the owner of the bag directly.


    How it Works

    All parties negotiate directly with each other.

    You decide terms amongst yourselves.

    This sharing network is for Pasadena, Calif., and surrounding cities only.

    OCDtravel provides the form and the list of inventory – nothing else.  OCDtravel is not liable for lost or damaged luggage, or for negotiations that don’t work out. Play nice!



    Create your own LuggageShare.

    My free starter kit makes it easy.

    Everything you need to create your own local LuggageShare.

    Send me an email (go here) and I’ll send you the kit.


    Why share?

    Go here and I’ll tell you why.